Mission Statement:

    The Best & Longest Lasting Motor Vehicle Detail Products on Earth!

    Our goal is to bring you the best automotive detailing products on the market that are extremely easy and safe to use compared to our competitors. As well, our products, as long as they are taken care of by manufacturer specifications, will outlast any product on the market, just one wipe of our product and your car will shine for a whole season!


    Message from the Owner:


    Hi, my name is Greg, my friends call me “Da Bear”,

    For years, like many of you who care about what we have and own, we try to make whatever it is look great, and have that great look last as long as we can. So our rides look GREAT! But, (yes here it comes) the problem is most everything that gives a great look is either dangerous to use, harmful to humans, has harmful vapors, is highly flammable, feels and looks yucky, greasy and gooey, becomes as slippery as a wet ice skating rink(even worse when wet), feels and is greasy and grimy while collecting dust, dirt and whirlybirds; made with a material that cannot be absorbed into skin yet recommended to be used on seats, rubs off onto clothes and skin, slings off tires onto car paint or glass, is damaging to tires, vinyl  and rubber parts,  and contributes  to and or causes cancer  & then to top all of that, has a short life of  1-4 days if we’re lucky, Right?

    But most of all, and I hated this, if you want your ride to look GOOD you need to apply it every week or so for it to look the way you want it, and we put up with it, right? So Did I! But with the expense and time…. it takes hours of my and your free time every weekend applying versus doing things: with my dog, with my life partner, on my hog, or on my 18’ bow rider going up and down the river or whatever it is we want to do with less and less available spare time.  My friends, and people that I’d see at car shows, Jeep shows, Truck Shows, motorcycle events Sturgis & Dover I remember, said the same.

    I used to dream that I didn’t have to detail my rides every week. I dreamed it a lot. So much so, it stuck in my mind. So after about 10 years on this mental merry go round, without much of any experience or training or knowing the tricks ,I then decided to come out with  line of motor vehicle detail, care, and restoration products  that are applied once, quickly, effortlessly,  last a LONG TIME, and don’t need to be reapplied but once a season for Sixty Day Tire Shine or once every 4-6 years for some of our other products!  Detailer's Dream Detailing Products in my estimation, needed to be (and are) non- poisonous, non-flammable, non-slippery on my driveway on stairs, not do damage to the surfaces applied to and contain no harmful vapors as they need to be etc.

    Out of all that, starting in 2010, it came to me: Detailer’s Dream Products: our UV inhibited, patented & patent pending formulas that are long term performance tested products that allow you and me, and those of us that use them on our rides so we can enjoy them, and the pride we get by have our rides look great, the best on every street, every marina, every hog show, every Jeep show, and every cruise night, bar none. Nine years have gone and I think I got a pretty good handle on things. I think you’ll agree. 

    With them, we also sourced a bunch of items that I really like, and I am sure you will too, like our Buddy Bucket, that holds 5 gal of car wash, maybe great for  fundraisers, or people that have driveways on angles. The Buddy Bucket allows you to lock the Wheels almost in place so the Buddy Bucket doesn’t roll down the drive or down the street. YIKES! (I’ve seen it happen). Our Buddy Bucket II will also have a spigot on it, for easy draining(no more hurt backs) and squeezer bolts to keep your  Buddy Bucket tight; an elbow length wash mitt, fiberglass extension handle for washing, these types of things. And we are working on a seat that you insert into the opening of the bucket so you can sit and roll around your ride while applying Sixty Day Tire Shine, Like …New! Trim Shine, remove paint scuffs with What The!, at eye level, without stooping down or kneeling trying to get the right observation use/point.

    "All of our products are packed to order so that they are fresh, and the products being Prop 65, Safe & Reach Compliant, why'd we do this?  We could have gone cheaper and make more money, but I decided that since I do not want to be exposed to harmful products, I also do not want our friends, our customers nor our employees exposed to harmful chemicals either.It costs a little more, but I think it is worth it.... one less thing to worry about.  And for the wipes products, the packages are hermetically sealed at the factory to be usable longer and not dry out before expiration date."

    Lastly, being aware of the problem in the world with plastic waste, either in the ocean or in landfills, we all know it is a problem that is being added to as we speak: Doing our part, if you return to us the empty packaging of whichever product(s)of ours you purchased, we will knock off 5-10% of your next Detailer's Dream Product vehicle detail product purchase, either from our website or from one of our retailers, regardless of any other discount.  When you return the packaging, include proof of purchase, an empty product and its packaging.


    Thank you for visiting and supporting our Proudly Made in  North Tonawanda, NY 14120 USA  Detailer’s Dream® Products. 

    If you contact me, I will respond.  I look forward to hearing from you.


    Your friend,

    Da Bear, 🐾